"Ian the Intrepid Robot"

"Ansel the Paper Plane Aviator"

"Number 1B" (Special Messenger

to the Queen)

" Tanya the Time Traveler"

"Number 8" (Rocket Man)

"Randall the Robot Rocking Horse"

"Number 3" (The Dancer)

"Lyle the Librarian and his Faithful Companion Sparky"

"Number 2" (The Hero)

"Number 4" (The Airman)

"Number 6" (Hula Hoop Girl)

"Number 7" (Robot Playing Badminton)

"Moe the Curious Robot"

Jim Casey Sculptures & DIGITAL IMAGERY

"Cecil the Croquet Playing Robot"

"Vincent the Violinist"

"Romeo 214"

"Ajax and His Adventures on the Blue Planet"