I've been making things for as long as I can remember. The subject matter changes, from horses, to cows, fish, people, and machines, but the goal is always the same. Like most artists I'm trying to speak a language without words. Trying to make beauty out of chaos. Trying to make sense of the chaos of our world. The struggle of myself and others working as part of a larger system, while still enjoying the pleasures of life, has always intrigued me. I like to use representations of horses and other animals, in addition to humans as vehicles of expression. I hope they will generate an emotional response from the viewer. I want my work to question reality, as I believe this is the most important aspect of our existence. Through the use of renewable resources, my work is a language that addresses the high-tech, yet fading structure of our society. It is also a celebration of the temporal nature of life.

I am also interested in the organic quality of machines and how that may translate to living things. The interrelation of the mechanical qualities of carbon based organisms and our attempts to replicate them create a flux between the living and our reflections of them.

Some of my work revolves around abstract expressions of the ethos of the horse. These  works are meant to be a commentary on the role the horse has played in history as a symbol of beauty and power,  but also speaks to their place as a beast of burden and servant to mankind. The imagery can also serve as a commentary about the condition of man.

My Sculptures are Contemporary Abstract Realism. I believe them to be a form of Expressionism. They are a Mixed Media Construction built with Copper Wire, Recycled Wood, Recycled Fabric, Hemp Twine, Wood Glue, Fabric Dye, Clay, and Acrylic Paint.

Jim Casey Sculptures & Automata